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Last Updated: Mar 23, 2018 03:11PM PDT
Q: Can I include specific data from a form when sharing with others?

A: Yes, using Managed Events you can configure GoFormz so that data entered in the form can be used when an auto email is sent.

For example, you can create a trigger to automatically email your customer once a form is completed.  In the body of the email you could include specific data from the completed form such as the customer's first name, a detail of services performed, the amount charged, etc.   If you happen to capture an email address on the form you’ve completed, GoFormz can dynamically use that information for instructions about where the email should be sent.

Q: Can I notify a user when a form has been transferred to them?

A: Yes, using Managed Events you can configure an event that will send an email when a form has been transferred to them.

Q: What does ‘Offline Transfer’ do?

A: Offline Transfer allows the transfer of forms between users in your account when no internet connection is available.  For this capability a router will need to be present and all users who need to either transfer or receive a form will need to be connected to that router, which will handle the communication between devices.

Q: How can I have a group of users all have access to a specific form for collaboration?

A: Using our Shared Form feature you can create a group where multiple users in your account will all have access to collaborate on any forms assigned to that group.  Any user in the group can view and take ownership of forms to work on as they are assigned to the group.  Once that user is finished entering data, they can either complete the form or transfer it back to the group for another user to claim. 
Please note that only one user at a time will be able to take ownership of the form.
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