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Legacy: Understanding Permissions

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2018 10:00AM PST

This article discusses the various permissions that can be assigned to a group. We give a brief description of the type of access or capability that each permission provides, and link to some of the relevant documentation for those capabilities. Permissions are configured at the group level.

  • To learn how to set up permissions on a group, click here.

  • To better understand how permissions fit into the GoFormz user and group structure, click here.

Functionality permissions

These permissions grant access to various pieces of functionality within the GoFormz web interface.

  • Manage Templates

    • Access to the Templates Tab. Can add, delete, or edit templates

  • View Reports

  • Can Login To Management

    • Access to the Management Site. When this is turned off, the users in the group only have access to the Web Form Editor.

  • Public Share

    • Ability to create and manage Public Share links for sharing form drafts to non-GoFormz users.

  • Form Copy

    • Ability to copy an existing form.

  • Form Rename

    • Ability to rename an existing form.

  • Form Transfer

    • Ability to manually transfer a form draft to another user in your account.

  • Form Delete

    • Ability to delete a Draft or Completed form.

  • Form Edit

    • Ability to edit a completed form.

  • Form Complete

    • Ability to change form status from Draft to Completed.

  • Form Email

    • Ability to manually email a form via the GoFormz email client.

  • Form PDF

    • Ability to download a PDF version of your form.

  • Form Tags

    • Ability to add and remove tags from forms.

  • Tag Create

    • Ability create brand new tags.

  • Tag Manage

    • Ability to manage the tags available in your account, including renaming and deleting tags.

Template folder permissions

These permissions control access to template folders. The two permissions below are set individually for each template folder in your account.

  • Use Templates

    • Ability to use the templates in this folder. This includes creating forms from these templates and editing templates if they have the Manage Templates permission.

  • View other users’ forms

    • Ability to view all forms created using the templates in this folder -- rather than just the forms that are assigned to you.
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