Account Management

Legacy: Users Page

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2018 09:59AM PST

The Users page is the interface for managing users, groups, and permissions in your GoFormz account. To open this page, click your username in the top right corner to expand the account management dropdown, then select Users & Groups from the dropdown.

Users and Groups are listed together in the same table. You can determine whether an entry is a user or a group by looking at the icon next to their name --  means it’s a user, and  means it’s a group. The following actions are available for each user/group in the table:

  •  Edit

    • Edit this user or group. This includes changing group permissions and changing user passwords.

  •  Delete (Groups only)

  •  Deactivate (Users only)

    • Deactivate this user. GoFormz users cannot be deleted, only deactivated. This means that they cannot log into the account, but their information is retained in the system. 

To see a list of users in a group, just click on the user name. The example below shows the users in the Field Techs group. To go back to the top level, just click “Users” in the breadcrumbs on top.

Finally, let’s review the buttons on the top right:

  • Create User: Click to create a new user.

  • Create Group: Click to create a new group and set its permissions.

  • Move to Group: Check the boxes next to some users, then click this button to move those users to another group.

  • Search: Enter a search term in the text box, then click this button to display only the users/groups that contain your search term in their name.

  • Clear: Clear the previous search, display all users/groups.
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