Editing Field Properties

Last Updated: Jul 08, 2016 10:55AM PDT

After adding a field to your form and positioning it appropriately, you will want to edit its properties. These properties govern the field’s look-and-feel, layout, and functionality. Most properties fall into one of these buckets:
  • Look-and-feel: Field text properties (font, size, color), background color, etc.
  • Layout: The field’s size and position.
  • Metadata: Data that will be used to refer to this field (e.g. its name and description), and whether this field should be used as the form’s identifier.
  • Input management: The most important properties here are the field’s default value and whether the field is required. Also included are properties determining how the user’s input is formatted, when the field can/cannot be edited, and more.
  • Field-specific properties: Most fields types have properties that are specific to just that type of field. For instance, for a Database field you need to specify which database and column the data should come from.
See here for a detailed explanation of each field property.
To edit a field’s property:
1.Open your template in the Template Editor.
2.Find your field in the preview area and click on it.
3.In the Field Properties area on the right side of the editor, click on any property’s value to edit it. Different properties will have different editing mechanisms -- some will let you simply type in a new value, some will have a dropdown, some will open a new window, etc.

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