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Last Updated: Oct 18, 2018 08:01AM PDT

The form template is the master version of your form. Creating a template is the first thing that you must do before you can start using any other GoFormz functionality. The Template Editor is where you do this. The editor lets you:

  • Add new fields to your template
  • Configuring your form’s layout
  • Define field properties (e.g. default values, which fields are required, etc.)
  • ​Associate automated actions with your form

To open a template in the editor, navigate to the Templates Tab and click the name of the template that you want to edit. The Template Editor has 4 main areas -- the Template Preview area, the Left Sidebar, the Right Sidebar, and the Action buttons. Let’s review the different pieces of this screen and how they interact.


The template header shows the template’s name and has several actions available:

  • Top level
    • Manage Events
      • Manage workflow automation for this template. This includes creating new automation events, as well as editing/deleting existing ones.
  •  Menu
  • More Menu
    • New Form
      • Create a new form from this template.
    • Public Share
      • Allow external users to create forms based on this template.
  • Top Level
    • Save Changes
      • Save any changes you’ve made to the template -- your changes will not be reflected until you hit this button. Note that this also relates to changes made through the  menu!

Template Preview


This area shows what a form created from your template will look like. Use the Form and List tabs at the top to toggle between editing Form and List views of your template.

Form View Preview


The Form View Preview is an exact representation of what a form created from this template will look like in the Web Form Editor, the Public Editor, and the Form View of the Mobile App Editor.

Click on a field here to see its properties in the Field Properties section of the Right Sidebar. Use your mouse pointer to change the position and dimensions of fields:

  • To move a field, hover over it until you see the  mouse pointer, then drag and drop the field to its new location.
  • To resize a field, hover over its edge until one of the resize mouse pointers appears (), then click and drag to change the field’s dimensions. 

Additionally, you can use the following controls at the top:

  • To add a new page to your form template, click Add Page.
  • To replace the current page with a new one generated from a PDF, click Replace Page.
  • To change the template’s zoom level, use the slider and +/- buttons in the upper right. Zooming in is useful when working on a specific field or set of fields, and zooming out is useful when you want to view the entire form as a whole.

List View Preview


The List View Preview is used to set up the framework of what a form created from this template will look like in the List View of the Mobile App Editor. It is not an exact representation of the List View; instead, it is a logical representation of how the form fields will be ordered into sections and tabs in the List View.

The List View Preview lets you set up this framework via intuitive drag-and-drop actions.

  • See here for a detailed overview of the mechanics of setting up the List View.
  • See here for best practices around setting up your List View.

Left Sidebar

When the Template Preview is in Form View mode, the Left Sidebar lets you select the fields that you want to include in your template. To add a new field to your template, simply drag the field name from one of the field lists in the sidebar into the Template Preview area. Each list contains a different set of fields, as follows.
When the Template Preview is in List View mode, the Left Sidebar contains a single element titled Create Section. Drag this element into the List View Preview to create a new section. You can drag the element to a position within an existing section to split that section into two. See here for more on configuring the List View.

Right Sidebar


The Right Sidebar contains two sections:

  • The Field Properties section is where you edit the properties of your form fields. When you select a field in either the Visible Fields section or directly in the Form View Preview, you will see a list of that field’s properties here. Click on the property’s value to edit it. Different properties will have different editing mechanisms -- some will let you type in a new value, some will have a dropdown, and some will open a new window. See here for more on editing field properties.
  • The Visible Fields section lists all the fields in your form by page. Selecting a field here will show its properties in the Field Properties section. Selection here mirrors selection in the Form View Preview -- when you select a field here it gets selected in the Form View Preview and vice versa. You can also rearrange pages here using drag and drop.
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